Power Outages and Restocking the Freezer

6 Jul

For those of you in our area, hopefully you have all  had your power (and sanity) restored from the storms that hit just before the Fourth of July.  We were relatively lucky in that we were on vacation for the storms and only had to live at home without power for about a day.  But I know many of you weren’t so lucky.  Also not as lucky: all of the food in our refridgerator and two freezers.  Since we were on vacation, there wasn’t that much in the fridge, but our freezers were stocked.  I’m not sure what I’m more heartbroken over, the tray of spanokopita I had been saving for a rainy day, the dozen or so single-serving tupperware containers filled with frozen leftovers that I take for lunch, or the 2 packages of ridiculously expensive special diet dog food – all of which had to be thrown out.  Of course, it is still sweltering out there, so I’m leaning towards quick cooking, lighter dishes these days.  But I will probably try to make a little more each night so I can restock my back-up lunches.  And putting the menus together have helped me figure out what staples we now need to stock up on again (could I have saved the Worscteshire sauce?  Possibly, but why risk it?).   In the meantime, stay cool!

1. Tuna, Tomatoes, White Beans and Pasta

An easy Rachael Ray inspired 30-minute meal.

2. Grilled Cilantro Chicken over Lemon Linguine

Found this recipe while browsing my fave website: FoodGawker!  Looks delish and I can’t wait to try it.

3. Baked Panko Breaded Chicken Tenders with Farro Risotto

Easy, peasy chicken tenders that the kids will love and hopefully distract them enough that they’ll give Farro Risotto (which I intend to make with some pumpkin puree) a try 🙂

4. Spaghetti with Edamame, Tomato, and Parsley Pistou

Don’t be frightened by the pistou – it’s a super easy sauce and you can easily substitute pesto if you want!

5. Roasted Tilapia with Potatoes and Lemons

Do you love Real Simple Magazine as much as I do?  This is one of their recipes that I’m excited to try.

6. Easiest Ever Baked Mac and Cheese

Maybe with chicken sausage.  Maybe without.  It’s really good either way.

7. Chicken and Chickpeas over Rice

Another superfast, one pot (well, I guess one pot and one rice cooker) dinner.

8. Leftover Rice Salad with Shrimp, Sugar Snap Peas, and Tomatoes

What do you do when you have leftover rice?  Make a rice salad! 

9. Dinner on the grill with chicken, corn on the cob, and Grilled Salad.

You haven’t tried a grilled salad yet?  What are you waiting for?  No recipe here – just brush a little olive oil on some romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and red onions and grill away – it is delicious!  And best of all, for me, it means Michael is cooking dinner!


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